Club Business

Meeting Time

Mondays at Noon at the Kelly's Downtown in Bradford PA.
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Paul Harris Fellows

We are proud of the dedication and commitment of so many members of our club. With our unwavering support to foster service above self, we are proud to name the following individuals as recipients of the Paul Harris Fellowship, the highest distinction given by Rotary International.

Philip C. Bauschard

Rev. Robert G. Brest

Robert Bromeley

Charles M. Brooks

William W. Chapman

Anne Confer

Rev. Dr. J. Arthur Cox

George Daggett

Ronald Danielson

Samuel G. Deeter

Ralph F. Detweiler

Rick Esch

Dr. K. James Evans, Jr.

Dr. George P. Evans

Susan Evans

Donald J. Fredeen

Fred Frey

Vincent P. Gaeto, Jr.

Nelson G. Gault

James Guelfi

Barbara Hagg

Dr. Jafar Hamidi

Bruce Hair

Michael Langianese

Richard Johnson

William J. Leven

Terry Lopus

Dr. Richard E. McDowell

James O'Mara

Edwin Pecht

Gary Pugrant

Lester Rice

Paul Ridley

Dominic Rodi

Charles T. Rowe

David J. Sheneman

Bruce H. Sherwin

Wilber J. Siebert

Dr. Frerderick W. Smith

Robert F. Steckmeyer

Howard Warfield

Dr. Donald Watkins

Harriett Wick

John Wiercinski

H. L. "Woody" Woodruff

Pat Woodruff

Joseph H. Yaros

Howard Yates

Dr. Kimberly Young O'Mara

John Kijowski

Marlene Kijowski

Mary Ellen (Emmy) Eddy

Tina Martin

Curt Wallace

Robin Borland


Our Pledge

The Rotary Club of Bradford pledges to develop true Rotarians and a Rotary Club that will function properly as a unit in Rotary International. Through our club meetings, we focus on fellowship and service. Club meetings provide opportunities to establish intimate and lasting friendships and help business members to become more capable of rendering service in their vocations and in the community they live in and work. Finally, we strive for the betterment of our professional craft, stressing high business standards and practices, and an obligation to do effective service in our community, state or province and Country.